Nenad Bach – Lead vocal, piano, acoustic guitar
Nenad Bach

Nenad Bach

Nenad Bach was a rock star in his native country, albeit a classically trained one; but in 1984 he made the decision to expatriate in order to follow his dream of finding a U.S. market for his music. The singer/songwriter has appeared, Zelig-like, with musicians ranging from Bono to Pavarotti to Garth Hudson and the late Rick Danko of The Band. He has hobnobbed with actors and heads of state in his role as an unofficial ambassador for peace, having transcended the trauma of war back home to emerge empowered to effect change.

In addition to recording his own music, he has produced CD’s featuring the never-before recorded folk music of his homeland, the haunting a cappella sounds of “klapa,” with its universal themes of love, the sea, the fight for freedom and the heroic human struggle. HOME TEAM has had its lens trained on Nenad for years – witness to his personal struggle to make the transition from stardom in Croatia to outsider in an industry dominated by youth and pop culture. He has never given up. Now, he is composing scores for independent films as he continues to perform and write his own music. Perhaps most importantly, he remains committed to his work as a “citizen of the world,” a tireless antiwar activist, the driving passion which infuses his life and the music he creates.

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